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Go go go!

Post Corona? Last years there was not to much to say about racing. We used the time mostly for building up our team and go on outdoor adventures and long trails. But this season, we have plans again...

Previous we were focusing on Sprint and MD races during growing and building bigger teams. These experiences will help us to sucessfully switch to LD.  Today, with currently 34 dogs in the kennel and 18 dogs in the racing team we are ready for transformation!

The big Goal

Our biggest dream is to be the first team to participate at the Finnmarkslopet with the pure breed Canadian Eskimo Dog. Great experience in mushing and outdoor living is needed due to the arctic conditions, harsh weather and difficult trails. Beside, several qualification races are needed to prove you are ready to participate in such a race.

Finnmarksløpet is the world's northernmost sled dog race. It is also Europe's longest sled dog race with 1200km. The race starts the 10th week of the year and goes across Finnmark in Northern Norway.























Upcoming season


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