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Quality, not quantity!


FCI registered. We are a FCI registered dog breeding kennel since 2016. We are breeding Canadian Eskimo Dogs and Siberian Huskies only with FCI papers following the breeding regulations within SKK the Swedish Kennel Club. 

Future Puppy owners. We are breeding solely working dogs for growing our working and racing teams. Sometimes, we have puppies available for sale, dont hesitate to ask us! As future puppy owner you should have knowledge of the breed, their special needs and also breed specfic challenges. You are always welcome to visit us and our pack, stay some time at our place and learn more. 

Currently no puppies available!

Breeding plans: Canadian Eskimo dog in Autumn 2023

Marketing Executive

A Litter - 21st July 2019
Canadian Eskimo Dog

wee 1.jpg

Marketing Executive

B Litter - 09th Oktober 2019
Siberian Husky


Marketing Executive

C Litter - 12th January 2020
Canadian Eskimo Dog


Marketing Executive

D Litter - 24th April 2020
Canadian Eskimo Dog

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