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The Canadian Eskimo Dog
Endurance, not speed!

The Canadian Eskimo dog is a friendly, big boned, muscular dog with a heavy coat to resist the harsh arctic climate. Due to its purpose, the Canadian Eskimo dog was breed for long distance traveling and freighting work and has his origin in Canada. In the 1970s a tragical and sad part of Canadian history nearly leaded to extinction of this amazing breed. Thankfully and due to the effort of a handful people the Canadian Eskimo dog could be saved and makes it possible that we today can write a new chapter! 

We are the only dog kennel in Scandinavia which works with original Canadian Eskimo dogs, the almost forgotten 5th pure breed sled dog. Our goal is to keep, work and breed our dogs the way the inuit people did for thousands of years. As unique as these dogs will be your adventure with them. Join us and get part of an amazing journey! Book today and expect an unforgettable adventure!



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