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Kennel Sponsorship

With the Premium Sponsorship you are supporting the entire kennel. You help us to improve the infrastructure of our facility and make it possible that our kennel can grow. 

In return we visualize your name and home country on the Kennel Sponsorship Wall at the entry of our kennel and on our homepage. If you can find your way to Sweden we give you an exclusive day at the kennel to meet our dogs and if the temperature allowes it we will take you on a ride with our dogs. Furthermore you will receive a special birthday and christmas present.

The Premium Sponsorship is meant for private persons, if your having a company and are interested in a Coporate Sponsorship please check out the page of the same name and don't hesitate to contact us. Monthly costs for the Premium Sponsorship is € 60,- and runs for one year. Payments are made to AT39 2050 3013 0109 1870. Please contact us for your registration today!

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