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Corporate Sponsorship

New exclusive partnership

Thank you for your trust Daniel & Kristina Meyer

Zughundesport - Outdoor - Ernährung


Our partner in summer sports!
Thank you for your support since 4 years...
The best place to be for racing, canyoning, biking and many more.

With the Corporate Sponsorship you are supporting our kennel with your company. 


We will allow only one Corporate Sponsorship per product. We thereby commit ourselves to use your products exclusively for an area of ​​application and thus advertise for your company and will forward any interest direct to you. We visualize your companies name and logo on the Corporate Sponsorship Wall at the entry of our kennel. Your companies name and logo will be seen on our homepages headline and on social media, t.ex. Facebook.

If you can find your way to Sweden we give you an exclusive day at the kennel to meet our dogs and if the temperature allowes it we will take you on a ride with our dogs. Furthermore you will receive a special christmas present.

The Corporate Sponsorship is exclusively for companies. If you are a private person and are interested in one of our sponsorships please check out the other pages and don't hesitate to contact us. Yearly costs for the Premium Sponsorship is € 1.500,- and runs for one year. Special agreements can be made. Please contact us for your registration today!

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