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The Humans
Go active!

Fulltime job. We live since autumn 2017 on our property in Swedish Lappland. We are living in a little, typicaly swedish wooden cabin directly at the lake on a big property. Beside the dog kennel with about 30 dogs we are doing some farming and renting business. I am working as a doctor and for my wife it is a fulltime job to take care about everything. 

Helpers. We are offering dog handler jobs and allround jobs to help with daliy care of the dogs as well as with the property. Don't hesitate to ask for a position if you are interested in a life in Lappland for a while. A

Holiday house. In summer as well as in winter there are many activities you can do in Lappland. Outdoor activities as well as sightseeing and culinary trips. Of course a cozy accomudation should be available. With us you can enjoy your vaccation in a 99 squaremeter wooden cabin for 2 to 6 people directly at the lake with sauna. Dogs are allowed as well. To get more information please see our holiday house page. 





















Surroundings. Beside dog activities the area we are living in offers many possibilities. Its just 10 km to the little city Dorotea which offers full supply: supermarkets, gasstation, shops for sports and fishing equipment and a camping ground. Several restaurants offer local food or international meals. 

For those who want to get active be taken to an individual adventure with our dogs, check the offers here:  

Beside the dogs our lake can be used for swimming, fishing, paddling or everything else a heart desires on water. For landsman our property can be used as starting point for a mountainbike tour, hiking to the nearest fjäll "Blaikfjället" or motorized activities, several equipment rentals are available nearby, we can help with bookings! For an adventure a bit farer away there is f.or example the resort Borgafjäll or Kittelfjäll, just an hour (2 hours) away, Stekenjokk and Vildmarksvägen offering a unique pristine nature. Even the well known towns Vilhelmina, Lycksele, Arvidsjaur or Jokkmokk aren't that far away, the E45 goes through Dorotea. 











Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-23 um
Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-23 um

The Dogs
An area with heart and soul!

Position available!

Luxury homes. We believe in our kennel system! Our dogs life primarily in a 300 square meter former horse barn in family groups. Additionally hey have permanently access to a joining outdoor area. They can decide theirselves if they want to ly in the sun or utilize of the freshening chill inside in summer and playing in the snow or protection of bad weather conditions in winter. 

Every single dog visits the dogs free run area ones a day. This is the dogs daily time for mental input, socialisation with other dogs, cuddles with humans and simply their playtime. 

We build this place in three major phases: indoor kennels, outdoor kennels and  the free run & playing area. The whole area was governmental reviewed and authorized by the Swedish animal protection in October 2018.

We want to thank the family and all the friends who helped to construct the dog area!

  • Bernhard Wasle

  • Johan Granberg

  • Jörg Deutgen

  • Ralf Dörr

  • Rebecca Lindas Granberg

  • Simone Granberg

  • Sören Granberg

  • Tobias Östman

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