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Long trips - time to get in touch with the polardogs!
8 day or 12 day trip

Get to know the lifestil of polardogs. Come with us on an unforgettable winter adventure together with a more than 1,000 year old sled dog breed. Learn how they life in the harsh climate, what they need for daily care and how much they like to work! 

Your adventure starts already with the flight to Lapland: endless white hills deeply covered in snow overwhelm you with the feeling of wilderness and adventure. From the airport your journey continues to our typically Swedish wooden house. There the first 4 legged friends are already waiting for you to say a first hello!


  • Get in touch with our family close living Canadian Eskimo dogs and Siberian huskies

  • Learning how to drive a dog sled, about all the equipment needed and packing your own sled

  • Several tours with the dog sled with your own sled dog team with 4 to 6 dogs through the wilderness of Swedish Lapland

  • Kitchen from local specialties

  • Trip to by souvenirs and places of interest

Beside all the activities there is plenty of time for getting in touch with the dogs closely and learning about their living in the harsh climate of the North.

With a little bit of luck you get to view the magical northern lights, a moose or reindeers.


As we exclusively are offering individual personal journeys we can adapt our tours easily to your wishes and preferences, just let us know if there is something you always wanted to do! Price is for 1 person, tours are made for 1 or 2 people. Incl. arrival and departure day, transport from and to the airport. Incl. all meals, we can handle allergies and special needs. Incl. warm clothes and shoes and all the equipment you need for up to -40 Degrees. Excl. flight.

8 day program – SEK 30.000,-
12 day program – SEK 45.000,-


Additional options.
 Wilderness sauna
 Overnight tours in the cabin or tent
 Day tour with the snow scooter for extra charge
 We can arrange booking the flight for you!


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