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Beginners camp 
How to get your dog to work!

Adventure weekend. When you start with working dogs you got a lot of questions. How should i start, how long should the distans be, how can i get my dog to work at all? Which equipement is needed and which of those fits me and my dog?

We have experience of dogsleding for 10 years, we have been at many many Canicross and Bikejöring races across Europe, we have been at the Irondog several times, a very challenging dog triathlon in the Czech Republic and got vize-europian champion two times. But when we started, we had exactly the same questions as you might have now! It is not the medal that counts, what counts is to find the way you and your dog can work together. This is what you can test during the beginners camp and get to know the little tips and tricks so you and your dog have a good time together!





until 10:00


About 13:00


After 19:00

Breakfast in the tipi


Short enrollment and first tour




Second tour or Canicrosstrail 5km in the woods

Parkour for leaddog training


Dinner, possibility to go to wood fired sauna

16:00 to 21





Dinner and chat about your experiences and expectations

until 10:00


About 13:00


Breakfast in the tipi


Last tour




Have a save trip home!

What you need


  • 1 or 2 dogs, age minimum 8 months, all dogs are wellcome! Harness and other equipement if you have

  • Clothes for all weather conditions

  • Bike or Dogscooter with adapter or belt, all drivings with a helmet!

  • Bring your own sleeping bag, if you want your own tent

What we offer

  • Stakeout for your dog with campingarea at the lake

  • Wood fired sauna

  • Breakfast in the tentipi

  • 2 times dinner

  • snacks

  • at least 2 drivings on easy trails

  • 5km Canicross trail

  • Parkour for leaddog training

  • Possibility to try different types of equipement

  • overnight stay in your own tent, in the tentipi or in the wooden cabin


  • Place: Avaträsk 909, 91791 Dorotea

  • Time: week 38 & 43 friday to sunday

  • Costs: SEK 1.999,- incl. all meals and overnight stay in the tentipi, SEK 2.999,- with overnight stay in the wooden cabin

  • groups of 2 to 5 people

Special offers for groups, families or if you want to stay longer, dont hesitate to ask us!


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