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Season 21/22 sold out!

Winter trainingscamp
Progress your own dogs!

It fits you. With the winter trainigscamp we offer you and your dogs an unique possibility to progress your and your dogs skills as a team. It is meant for you who has 2 to 8 dogs, has a bit of experience of dogselding, canicross or jöring and wants to progress this in the wonderfull landscape of Swedish Lappland. 


You enjoy your stay in our 99 squaremeter wooden cabin directly at the lake. With a fully equipped kitchen, big living room, bathroom with toilett and 3 sleeping rooms, your stay will be just as cosy as it sounds. Enough space to bring your family, small kids, your housedog or friends. To the house belongs a wooden-fired sauna with free excess. The cabin costs € 600,- per week inkl. 


In conection and direct passage to the house there is a dog room equipped with a frezzer, space for euqipement and food preparing and 8 big dog boxes to make acclimatation easier for your four legged friend. Therefrom you can entre a 300 squaremeter dog freerun, fenced to 1,8 meters. 


At your first day of arrival we will make a plan what you want to to do and see. We are able to offer you a great variaty of trails and trips. We also offer you to test different types of equipment and you can hire equipment if you need. The trainingscamp costs €75,- per week.


- 8km round course at the lake for testing equipment and small teams or family trips

- round trips to the Swedish fjäll from 1 hour to 8 hours

- you follow with your own dog team

if you come with less than 4 dogs we can offer you to add dogs from us to your team

- driving a big dog team of 12 dogs

- a trip with the unique inuit sled and the Canadian Eskimo Dogs

- expedition trips with over night stay in a wilderness cabin or in the tipi/tent

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